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Journey into Imagination – Martins Complete Ultimate Tribute

by on Sep.09, 2017, under Epcot, Future World, Walt Disney World

Journey Into Imagination – Martins Complete Ultimate Tribute from Martins Videos on Vimeo.

The next of my completely re edited EPCOT Center videos, the first in my Imagination trilogy, and another massive project.

Begin with the origins of the pavilion, from the EPCOT Arts Pavilion and Discovery Bay to the duel ride floor Imagination proposal. See how the pavilion developed, how the pavilion and ride were laid out and how the ride system worked, and how it all came together for opening – or not.

Next walk into the original Pavilion for a detailed look at the open atrium lobby complete with wall mural coverage. Board your ride vehicle and take a full, multi camera journey through the original attraction. Enhanced and cleaned up multiple angles show every detail. Each projection has had flicker minimised or eliminated. See each show scene in full, complete with a brand new stereo audio mix featuring more high quality and source audio than previously available.

After unload take the stars or the elevator up to the Imageworks for a full tour of the original interactive playground of the future. Then take the escalator down to the Magic Eye Theatre for a look at Makin’ Memories, Dreamfinders Chase as source quality, and then enter the main theatre for Magic Journeys in full – shot on a tripod with a polarising filter to minimise the duel image effect and with screen flicker greatly reduced. With a stereo source soundtrack.

After the movie ends, take a look around the fountain garden and camera store. Finally, see what changes were made to the pavilion, including the early 90s overhaul of The Imageworks and take a tour of version two of the upper floor.

Another huge labour of love. 88 minutes long.

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World of Motion – Martin’s Complete Ultimate Tribute

by on Aug.05, 2017, under Epcot, Future World, Walt Disney World

World of Motion – Martins Complete Ultimate Tribute from Martins Videos on Vimeo.

Continuing my brand new re edits of EPCOT Center, see the history and origins of the Transportation Pavilion. See it develop in the GM pavilion, how it was designed and see how the pavilion, ride and exhibits were laid out.

Next is a full construction section, charting its progress from ground break to opening.

And then take a full multi camera, detailed full ride from walk in to exit. All material has been enhanced where possible, all projection flicker reduced or eliminated. This is accompanied by a new source and clean live stereo audio mix.

After unloading, walk into Transcenter for a full tour. Highlights include a full multi angle Bird and the Robot show with clean live audio and a full widescreen multi angle, tripod shot The Water Engine show with source audio.

67 minutes long.

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Horizons – Martins Complete Ultimate Tribute

by on Jul.01, 2017, under Epcot, Future World, Walt Disney World

Horizons – Martins Complete Ultimate Tribute from Martins Videos on Vimeo.

The fifth in my brand new Futureworld re-edits, and a real labour of love.

Follow the development of the pavilion from a GE fair in Futureworld west to the pavilion it eventually became in Futureworld East. See how the story evolved, the ride developed, how the track and show scenes were designed and laid out and then watch as the pavilion went from nothing to dedication in 19 months.

And then, take the trip you’ve always dreamed of in a 40 minute, multi camera extravaganza. As much detail has been covered as possible, every show scene, every projection. Each projection screen has been flicker reduced or eliminated, each shot of the ride enhanced where possible. Walk into the pavilion and begin your journey in the Futureport to see the trio of destinations available aboard Horizons One. Follow the queue and then take you seat for a continuously moving omnimover ride from the past and into the future. Highlights include complete source quality loops of all 3 Movies of Yesteryear screens, the full Omnimax loop, and all 3 ending choices in full and of high quality.

Audio wise, each animatronic conversation is clean live but is in full and with hopefully the clearest quality audio available to date. Each spiel was edited together from dozens of recordings for completeness and the best available quality. All sound effects are clean and enhanced, and the musical score and in-car narration is of course of source quality.

Many call Horizons the best dark ride ever.

I hope I’ve done it justice.

71 minutes long.

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Universe of Energy – Martins Complete Ultimate Tribute

by on Jun.03, 2017, under Epcot, Future World, Walt Disney World

Universe of Energy – Martins Complete Ultimate Tribute from Martins Videos on Vimeo.

Continuing my series of my original Futureworld re edits, here is the complete 1982 Exxon pavilion, re edited and remastered for hopefully the best video and audio quality and most complete coverage available. Presented in 720p to maintain the high resolution of the graphics and plans and the quality of the original footage, and to allow the widescreen format to be fully utilised.

Start with the original designs for a solar energy pavilion, and see how the designs evolved through the late 1970s.

With designs finalised, see how the pavilion was laid out, how the ride system and the diorama effects worked and more. Watch the huge building grow from the swamps and finally see highlights of the dedication ceremony.

Next take a full multi angle ride of the original presentation. Walk into the pavilion and start with the full Radok preshow, with flicker-reduced or eliminated multi angle video rendered in 16:9 and full source audio.

Then walk into theatre one and take your seat for the multiplane projection introduction, again with all projection flicker eliminated and with a new clean live audio mix that I hope is the best available.

Things get darker as we move into the diorama, with all its original effects working. Again this is a multi angle edit with authentic clean live stereo mix.

Moving into theatre two is the whole second main show, deflickered and again with a new high quality clean audio mix. Here I’ve used the whole 16:9 tv screen to simultaneously show more than one 4:3 video clip of the 3 different screens at the same time to cover details that may otherwise be missed.

Onwards into theatre one again for the finale, the whole multiscreen reflected ending is covered in multi angle widescreen with the 4th apex screen shown in full as a picture in picture. Again I hope this is the best available finale quality-wise in the fan community. With source audio.

And then, exit the pavilion and cross to Energy Exchange in Communicore East for a full tour.

A mammoth edit!

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Spaceship Earth 1982 & 86 – Martins Complete Ultimate Tribute

by on Mar.04, 2017, under Epcot, Future World, Walt Disney World

Spaceship Earth 1982 & 86 – Martins Complete Ultimate Tribute from Martins Videos on Vimeo.

The first of my totally re edited Futureworld edits. Over ten years ago I first created my “Ultimate Tributes” and now they’re showing their age. Each one has been re built from scratch with far better quality, more footage and more angles, more art and construction material, far better higher resolution graphics and much higher quality, brand new audio mixes – with more clean live and source audio than before. Each video clip has been enhanced, cleaned as much as I can, and any screen flicker removed as much as possible.

Start back at the origins of EPCOT Center as the park we know began to emerge and the centrepiece attraction and theme developed. See how the building developed, the storyline progressed, and how the ride fits inside. Following a full construction section and dedication highlights take a trip through the 1982 version via art, models, vintage film clips and recreations and with a new audio mix. After riding take a full tour of Futurecom in Communicore West.

Next fast forward to 1986 to see the changes that were made, then walk into the building for a full multi camera ride of the Cronkite version with new footage and a new clean audio mix. See a brand new recreation of 180top, capturing the style and feeling of the complex show scene and take a descent to a brand new Tomorrows Child mix. On exiting the ride see the complete overhead Earthstation Futureworld film projection and take a look at the Worldkey Information System.

These new tributes have been a real labour of love and in production for over a year. Whilst there’s only so much that can be done with recordings of the era I hope you’ll agree they are far better than the previous versions and are some of the best available to the fan community.

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Captain EO (2010 Tribute) by Martin

by on Dec.12, 2015, under Disneyland, Disneyland Resort, Epcot, Future World, Tomorrowland, Walt Disney World

Captain EO (2010 Tribute) by Martin from Martins Videos on Vimeo.

He’s back to change the world! Walk into Epcot’s Magic Eye theatre for the full 2010 preshow in source quality.

Then take your seat in the main theatre for the full mainshow, recorded several years ago in Disneyland without a recording ban. For best possible quality and to capture the magic for posterity, this was shot:

With a polarizing lens for 2D
On tripod
And then was colour corrected and processed with several filters to reveal as much detail as possible and to eliminate almost all visible flicker.

With stereo source audio.

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The American Adventure HD

by on Jan.04, 2015, under Epcot, Walt Disney World, World Showcase

The American Adventure HD from Martins Videos on Vimeo.

Finally, an edit I’ve always wanted to do. Starting with a full concepts and construction section, trace the attractions development back to a Futureworld ride through, the changes to a theatre show and early plans. Next see how the show was designed and built, how a technological marvel operates, and the opening dedication.
Next take a full tour both outside and inside, including a full look at all the artwork, furniture and flags on both lobby levels.
Walk into the theatre and experience the full show, shot from multiple angles in full HD for complete coverage. Each rear projected piece of art was either resampled and composited or scanned from original artwork, and then re-animated to match the projected version exactly with no blur, shake or flicker. The audio was remixed in stereo matching original attraction dialogue, sound effects and stereo musical scores for a source quality stereo soundtrack. Includes the full 2007 source quality Golden Dream finale.
After the show, walk around the exterior looking at various details and finally see the changes to the pavilion since 1982, from the minor to the 1993 animatronic replacement with a side by side comparison plus a source quality complete original 1982 Golden Dream and the full 1993 version too.
Shot with a relaxed video ban. 65 minutes long. Enjoy!

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The Water Engine at EPCOT Center Full Show

by on May.21, 2014, under Epcot, Future World, Walt Disney World

The Water Engine at EPCOT Center Full Show from Martins Videos on Vimeo.

The whole Water Engine show that ran from 1982 to 1996 in World of Motions Transcenter. Very rare footage, provided by Widen Your World and shot all on tripod from 3 angles. Since the show was very wide with separate vertical screens, shooting this way has enabled a composite to be assembled presenting the complete show as it was originally seen.

Enjoy this little piece of the parks history as never seen before on the web

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EPCOTs 30th Anniversary HD

by on Oct.21, 2012, under Epcot, Parades and Fireworks, Walt Disney World

October 1 2012 in full. Arriving at Epcot at sunrise, see the lines outside the park and then rope drop. Sample the park atmosphere, see the crowds in World Showplace for the speeches, then see a part of the 3pm rededication “moment” at American Gardens Theatre. Go inside the Odyssey, and then watch the fall 2012 version of Reflections of Earth shot in multi angle HD with a new source music / live pyro mix. Following the regular show is a full multi angle edit of the special 30th anniversary tag, again with source music/ live pyro. Finally, as crowds leave cross an almost empty park for the end of an amazing day. 46 minutes long. Enjoy!

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Magic Journeys 2D

by on Jan.03, 2011, under Epcot, Future World, Walt Disney World

Magic Journeys 2D from Martins Videos on Vimeo.

Finally, the complete 1982 EPCOT Center Imagination 3D movie, shot by Mike Lee at Widen Your World on a tripod with a polarising lens. With his permission, I joined both parts into one file, synced up the full stereo source audio track and removed 75-80% of the screen flicker. To preserve quality this is an MPEG file, not divx.

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