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The Haunted Mansion WDW – 2009 tribute in HD `Perfect Vision`

by on Aug.31, 2009, under Liberty Square, Magic Kingdom, Walt Disney World

The Haunted Mansion WDW 2009 HD from Martins Videos on Vimeo.

The first of many HD videos, and one I`ve wanted to produce for 19 years since I first tried to shoot the Mansion. I was lucky enough to obtain footage shot by Dan Warren. Using extremely low-light sensitive equipment this is a video which looks as good on a PC as the ride does to the human eye whilst actually riding. No night vision, no external lighting. When I first saw the quality of the footage I couldn`t believe it. There are no secrets given away – this is purely an edit showing every inch of onstage, exactly how a guest would see and hear it if actually in Orlando.
From 8 hours of footage shot, this is a 1 hour edit multi angle video beginning with a look at the exterior details of the Mansion and surroundings. After full coverage of the graveyard, take in every part of the attraction from start to finish. From walk in to walk out, this is full multi angle coverage of the complete attraction down to the smallest detail. Included in full also are the loops of Constance the bride, the Graveyard band and the Singing Busts. Following the attraction, see full coverage of the exit area stones and the Pet Cemetery, then see the Mansion and surroundings as night falls and the lights come on. See full interior details of both the Assisted Guest entrance and the Chicken Exit too.
The footage is accompanied by a brand new full stereo audio mix, using full source audio elements and clean live audio hear the attraction as you journey through it as you would whilst actually riding.
With thanks to Dan Warren for the footage and hours spent riding to obtain it, and to the cast members of the Haunted Mansion, Orlando. No rules were broken, but their help was invaluable.

A direct download for this video is available HERE.

A second edit of this video is also available, a 2007 spoiler-free version.  This edit version is the same as the above video, but with all of the updated scenes removed, so not to spoil the attraction for anyone who has not seen it since the rahab.  This video can be seen HERE.

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Pirates of the Caribbean and The Big Thundermountain Railroad WDW – Ultimate Tribute

by on Aug.15, 2009, under Adventureland, Frontierland, Magic Kingdom, Walt Disney World

Pirates of the Caribbean and The Big Thundermountain Railroad WDW – Ultimate Tribute from Martins Videos on Vimeo.

Here is the first of a multi part WDW Adventureland and Frontierland history series. It made sense to produce a video showing the history of these 2 attractions since they are both connected, and indeed exist, due to the third attraction also featured in the video – the never built Thunder Mesa and Western River Expedition.

Beginning in the late 60`s see the designs and proposals in detail for Thunder Mesa and its 2 E Tickets, Western River Expedition and Big Thunder Railroad. Follow the plots and concepts of both rides, plus the Mountain, before arriving in 1971 and the reasons behind and the designs of Pirates of the Caribbean. Following this is a full concepts, layout and construction section of the Orlando version, followed by a full multi angle enhanced and remastered edit of the 1973 ride with a new stereo source audio/clean live audio mix. Next, see the history and design of Caribbean Plaza and then jump forward 5 years for the reasons behind and full concept and construction coverage of Big Thundermountain Railroad – and how Western River was nearly built again.

Follow the design and layout of Big Thundermountain, and take a multi angle trip aboard the wildest ride in the wilderness. Next, follow the changes made to both attractions since 1973 and 1980, then see what took place in Pirates of the Caribbean during its major 2006 refurb. This is followed by a full multi angle, stereo source/clean live audio mix ride of the current attraction including full queue coverage. Finally, take a tour of modern day Caribbean Plaza, see the additions made for The Pirates League, what parts of Thunder Mesa were actually used and finish with a night time ride on Big Thundermountain.

85 minutes long.

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