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Since my first Walt Disney World visit in 1979 I was hooked on the parks and attractions,

Mickey and I on my first trip to WDW in 1979

Mickey and I on my first trip to WDW in 1979

how they work and the detail and sheer scale of them. After following it for 5 years, I first got to EPCOT Center in 1987 – a park of special interest since it appealed to my love of computers and technology as well as the parks. In 1990 we visited Orlando with an on-the-shoulder full size SVHS camcorder. Little did I know how valuable that footage would become.

My father worked in Television as a sound recordist, and I was a freelance Computer Graphic Artist. I had a natural background in production, shooting, post production and shooting. I`ve worked in television myself now since 1995. I dabbled with some edits on tape with 2 VCRs connected in the early 90`s. I wasn`t very impressed with the results.

Fast-forward to 2003 when I got an XP PC with Windows Movie Maker. Finally I could marry my love of WDW, tech and computers with the footage I had and knowledge of editing. For several years before then I`d gathered so much information, audio, video and things I considered rare off the internet, so I wanted to give something back. I began editing old attractions that were dear to me and making the results available for free on the web. The more I did, the more I found a whole community of like minded people who appreciated my work and so the process continued. I pushed Movie Maker far beyond what it was designed to do but could never find a proper editing package I liked. Until 2008.

I`m now editing DV and HD quality on a new dedicated quad core PC using Adobe Premiere Elements 7. The results are superb for a home PC. I`ve had so many emails and

A More Recent Photo

A More Recent Photo

messages from people who forgot about long-gone attractions or never saw them. My videos either bring back happy memories and emotions or allow those who never saw the attractions to see what all the fuss was about. I`d never charge for my vids – though if I did by now I would have made a small fortune – that is not why I do it. Aside from copyright grey areas I enjoy making them and knowing that they do touch people all over the world is payment enough. I`ve made new contacts through my work and received material that to me is as invaluable as a multi angle, source audio edit of Horizons is to a park fan who never saw it or only rode it once in 1988.

We all share a love for the parks and attractions. Mine is deeper into the history, concepts and design of them. I`m just happy playing a small part in spreading the pixie dust for people who loved the old attractions, never got the chance to see them, or enjoy the current ones. I`m not an idiot who uses my camera where I shouldn`t or spoils the experience for others. I don`t take risks. I`ve a nice new expensive HD camera with nice expensive attachments and I don`t want to break it. I do however aim to continue to preserve the attractions and entertainment of today for tomorrow, for those who will miss it when it is gone and those who will never see if for themselves. And most of all I do it because I enjoy it and I know it is enjoyed by others. And at heart I`m as much a fan as the next person.


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