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New Fantasyland WDW – Martins Ultimate Tribute – Part One of Two

by admin on Sep.03, 2016, under Fantasyland, Magic Kingdom, Walt Disney World

New Fantasyland WDW Martins Ultimate Tribute 1 of 2 from Martins Videos on Vimeo.

Another colossal project charting the history of the New Fantasyland project. Starting with 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea closing follow proposals that never happened for the lagoon, and its removal. See what happened in the interim, and then the original NFL plans, both before and after the changes. With before and after pictures see the land grow from the ground from start to finish.

Then take a wall through the construction wall for highlights from the soft opening of Enchanted Tales with Belle. See the layout of this attraction, and also Ariel’s Undersea Adventures : Voyage of the Little Mermaid, before taking your place outside the planters for the first soft opening of the land to guests. Follow the crowds to Mermaid and take a full HD tour of the queue with the first guests to be admitted. Then take a full multi camera HD, mostly source audio ride on the attraction as it appeared on opening day.

After exiting, peek inside Ariel’s Meet and Greet, Bonjour Gifts and Gaston’s Tavern on opening day too and then take a tour of Be Our Guest restaurant too.

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The Great Movie Ride – Martins Ultimate Tribute

by admin on Feb.13, 2016, under Disney's Hollywood Studios, Hollywood Boulevard, Walt Disney World

The Great Movie Ride – Martins Ultimate Tribute from Martins Videos on Vimeo.

A colossal project that has ended up better than I could have hoped. Starting with the origins of the pavilion in the mid 1980s see how it developed through concept art and plans in a full concept and construction section. See the layout of the pavilion and how multiple ride vehicles run at the same time, how the pavilion was built, and how the interior sets and props fit in.

Following the grand opening take a look at changes made over the years, including the original preshow shot in full in source like quality and the original and 2014 finale films also in source like quality.

Then take a full tour of the TCM sponsored pavilion, shot in full HD for the highest quality. Look around the exterior, the window displays and the courtyard. Walk the queue taking in all the decor and display details. See highlights of the new preshow – shot on tripod – as Robert Osborne introduces each movie genre, then take your seat for a full 36 minute ride, shot from multiple simultaneous HD angles for every detail, every show scene in full and for complete coverage and with excellent low light footage too. Both hold-up show scenes are also covered in full from multiple simultaneous angles, and finally the new finale movie is shown in full from start to finish in source like quality.

Add to this possibly the most complex multi track stereo audio mix I’ve attempted to date. Audio is almost exclusively source or induction for the best possible quality of every audio detail, effect, score and narration.

A mammoth 83 minutes long. Enjoy!

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Haunted Mansion Holiday 2015 1080p by Martin

by admin on Dec.19, 2015, under Disneyland, Disneyland Resort, New Orleans Square

Haunted Mansion Holiday 2015 1080p by Martin from Martins Videos on Vimeo.

Some seasonal cheer – what happens when two holidays collide.
Also what happens with over 15 hours of footage, from riding 78 times.
Shot and released in full HD, the 2015 version of this extremely popular Disneyland overlay. Take a full tour of the exterior, the details, the decor and the queue. Then walk inside for stunning low light full HD video of the complete attraction, shot multiple times from multiple angles for complete coverage of every section. Finally see the nightly lighting ceremony. With a stereo source / clean live audio mix.

Happy holidays!

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DLP Pirates of the Caribbean – Ultimate HD Tribute

by admin on Sep.10, 2014, under Adventureland, Disneyland Park (Paris), Disneyland Resort Paris

DLP Pirates of the Caribbean – Ultimate HD Tribute from Martins Videos on Vimeo.

Look at the history and design of the attraction and how it differs and tried to improve on previous versions, followed by a layout and concept art tour of the whole building.
Next walk the whole interior queue and ride the full attraction, with multi angle HD video for all the details and a source / clean live audio mix. Finally take a look inside the Blue Lagoon restaurant and ride through the attraction on the parks railroad.

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Phantom Manor – Ultimate HD Tribute

by admin on Jul.21, 2014, under Disneyland Park (Paris), Disneyland Resort Paris, Frontierland

Phantom Manor – Ultimate HD Tribute from Martins Videos on Vimeo.

Start by seeing how the manor is attached to the story of Frontierland. Then look at its layout, artwork and comparison to other Haunted Mansions. After a tour of the attraction via concept art and models see every detail both inside and out and of the full ride itself in multi camera enhanced HD video. I’m especially proud of the full source multi track audio mix I’ve created. Enjoy!

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Snow White’s Scary Adventures WDW tribute HD

by admin on Jun.02, 2012, under Fantasyland, Magic Kingdom, Walt Disney World

Following the closure of the Orlando version, see the design and layout of the dark ride. Then take an enhanced multi angle ride of the original 1971 version. This is followed by a look at the changes made in 1994, and then a full look at the exterior and queue/load area, followed by a full multi angle HD ride shot with a Canon 5D for brighter-than-the-naked-eye-could-see footage!

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Ellens Energy Adventure HD – Ultimate Tribute

by admin on Feb.24, 2010, under Epcot, Future World, Walt Disney World

Ellens Energy Adventure HD – Ultimate Tribute from Martins Videos on Vimeo.

Go back to 1996 to see the changes made to Epcots Energy pavilion – both inside and out. See the big problem in the summer of 1996, why the original show returned from the dead, and see all the issues of showing the old show with the new infrastructure including a non-Radok preshow.

Back to present day, have a look around the exterior of the 2009 pavilion, then see the full preshow shot multi angle and flicker free with a clean live / ALD audio mix. Walk into Theatre One, and begin the trip with a full theatre one show shot multi angle and flicker free with a clean stereo live / ALD narration audio mix. Journey through the diorama for complete multi angle / clean live audio coverage, arrive in Theatre Two for the K-NRG radio loop, then see the full Theatre Two film again shot multi angle and flicker free and again with an ALD/clean live audio mix, followed by the Theatre One finale transition and films, again shot Multi angle, flicker free with clean live / ALD audio. Take a look around Theatre One as the lights come on, then exit the pavilion for another look around during both day and night. 56 minutes long.

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Imagination 82 – The Original Imageworks

by admin on Oct.09, 2009, under Epcot, Future World, Walt Disney World

Imagination 82 – The Original Imageworks from Martins Videos on Vimeo.

A research project that turned into a full video. With the help of Craig Mathieson and John Werner, ex WED employees who helped design the original Imageworks, see the layout of the original upstairs level of the pavilion and also each and every original exhibit. See what changed during the rehab of 1990-1991 and how the layout altered, then see each new exhibit. See the original fountain garden of 1982, what has changed, then as a bonus go into the Magic Eye Theatre; see 4 minutes of Makin’ Memories with source audio – the only known video recording of the preshow, and then see the very rare Dreamfinder 2D introduction to Magic Journeys by Michael Jittlov that was never used and never shown to any guests. And finally, see a remastered copy of the first 12 minutes of Magic Journeys, shot live with source audio.

47 Imaginative minutes long. Enjoy!

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The Haunted Mansion WDW – 2009 tribute in HD `Perfect Vision`

by admin on Aug.31, 2009, under Liberty Square, Magic Kingdom, Walt Disney World

The Haunted Mansion WDW 2009 HD from Martins Videos on Vimeo.

The first of many HD videos, and one I`ve wanted to produce for 19 years since I first tried to shoot the Mansion. I was lucky enough to obtain footage shot by Dan Warren. Using extremely low-light sensitive equipment this is a video which looks as good on a PC as the ride does to the human eye whilst actually riding. No night vision, no external lighting. When I first saw the quality of the footage I couldn`t believe it. There are no secrets given away – this is purely an edit showing every inch of onstage, exactly how a guest would see and hear it if actually in Orlando.
From 8 hours of footage shot, this is a 1 hour edit multi angle video beginning with a look at the exterior details of the Mansion and surroundings. After full coverage of the graveyard, take in every part of the attraction from start to finish. From walk in to walk out, this is full multi angle coverage of the complete attraction down to the smallest detail. Included in full also are the loops of Constance the bride, the Graveyard band and the Singing Busts. Following the attraction, see full coverage of the exit area stones and the Pet Cemetery, then see the Mansion and surroundings as night falls and the lights come on. See full interior details of both the Assisted Guest entrance and the Chicken Exit too.
The footage is accompanied by a brand new full stereo audio mix, using full source audio elements and clean live audio hear the attraction as you journey through it as you would whilst actually riding.
With thanks to Dan Warren for the footage and hours spent riding to obtain it, and to the cast members of the Haunted Mansion, Orlando. No rules were broken, but their help was invaluable.

A direct download for this video is available HERE.

A second edit of this video is also available, a 2007 spoiler-free version.  This edit version is the same as the above video, but with all of the updated scenes removed, so not to spoil the attraction for anyone who has not seen it since the rahab.  This video can be seen HERE.

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Spaceship Earth 2007 – Ultimate Tribute

by admin on Sep.01, 2008, under Epcot, Future World, Walt Disney World

Spaceship Earth 2007 – Ultimate Tribute from Martins Videos on Vimeo.

Here is my longest single attraction edit to date. Travel back to 1984 and see every major change made to the attraction. The differences between Perrin and Cronkite, Cronkite and Irons, and Irons and Dench. Also see changes made over the years to the post show area. Next see the work done to bring the attraction into the 21st century, and then board your Time Machine Vehicle for a full 22 minute ride through of the latest version detailing every show scene from 8 video angles with a source / Induction / ALD / clean live audio mix. Finally, take a full tour of Project Tomorrow.

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