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Spaceship Earth 1982 & 86 – Martins Complete Ultimate Tribute

by on Mar.04, 2017, under Epcot, Future World, Walt Disney World

Spaceship Earth 1982 & 86 – Martins Complete Ultimate Tribute from Martins Videos on Vimeo.

The first of my totally re edited Futureworld edits. Over ten years ago I first created my “Ultimate Tributes” and now they’re showing their age. Each one has been re built from scratch with far better quality, more footage and more angles, more art and construction material, far better higher resolution graphics and much higher quality, brand new audio mixes – with more clean live and source audio than before. Each video clip has been enhanced, cleaned as much as I can, and any screen flicker removed as much as possible.

Start back at the origins of EPCOT Center as the park we know began to emerge and the centrepiece attraction and theme developed. See how the building developed, the storyline progressed, and how the ride fits inside. Following a full construction section and dedication highlights take a trip through the 1982 version via art, models, vintage film clips and recreations and with a new audio mix. After riding take a full tour of Futurecom in Communicore West.

Next fast forward to 1986 to see the changes that were made, then walk into the building for a full multi camera ride of the Cronkite version with new footage and a new clean audio mix. See a brand new recreation of 180top, capturing the style and feeling of the complex show scene and take a descent to a brand new Tomorrows Child mix. On exiting the ride see the complete overhead Earthstation Futureworld film projection and take a look at the Worldkey Information System.

These new tributes have been a real labour of love and in production for over a year. Whilst there’s only so much that can be done with recordings of the era I hope you’ll agree they are far better than the previous versions and are some of the best available to the fan community.

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