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Carousel of Progress WDW – Ultimate Tribute

by admin on Oct.17, 2015, under Magic Kingdom, Tomorrowland, Walt Disney World

Carousel of Progress WDW – Ultimate Tribute from Martins Videos on Vimeo.

Also available for viewing on YouTube here:

Finally. Another HD edit I’ve always wanted to do. Start with how and why Orlando got the attraction, where it might have gone and why it went where it did. Following a look at how it fitted into Tomorrowland phase two, experience the original 1975 version in multi angle video from a combination of 1980s and early 90s footage, a remade 1975 act IV with source 1985 and clean live 1975 audio.

Next see the changes made through the 80s and early 90s, then look at the major changes made in 1993.

And then, walk into 2015 Tomorrowland for a full look around the attraction in HD. Watch a reconstructed source quality full preshow video, then board the carousel for the full attraction, shot from multiple angles in full HD with a new stereo source quality audio mix.

Shot without a recording ban. 67 minutes long.

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Spaceship Earth 2007 – Ultimate Tribute

by admin on Sep.01, 2008, under Epcot, Future World, Walt Disney World

Spaceship Earth 2007 – Ultimate Tribute from Martins Videos on Vimeo.

Here is my longest single attraction edit to date. Travel back to 1984 and see every major change made to the attraction. The differences between Perrin and Cronkite, Cronkite and Irons, and Irons and Dench. Also see changes made over the years to the post show area. Next see the work done to bring the attraction into the 21st century, and then board your Time Machine Vehicle for a full 22 minute ride through of the latest version detailing every show scene from 8 video angles with a source / Induction / ALD / clean live audio mix. Finally, take a full tour of Project Tomorrow.

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SSE 86 180 top re creation

by admin on Mar.22, 2007, under Epcot, Future World, Walt Disney World

SSE 86 180top re creation from Martins Videos on Vimeo.

Inspired by a very interesting and revealing thread in the forums, here is an as-good-as-I-can-make-it re creation of the top of Spaceship Earth from the Cronkite era. Starting in the Cinema and TV lounge scene, take a multi angle video and new audio journey through The Computer (boys room) and the Office, the Hi Tech Communications Center and into 180top itself, with enhanced video, complete with original Earth projection, satellites and astronauts in full, the space station with animatronic robot arm control girl at her window, then the full descent with laser effects and wonderfully stylised early 80`s projections of the Tomorrows Child finale. It doesn`t quite have Industrial Light and Magic standard effects, but this should give a good idea of how the second half of the attraction appeared to guests in the late 80’s and early 90’s. Some footage from with thanks.

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Tomorrowland WDW – Ultimate History (In Three Parts)

by admin on Nov.18, 2006, under Magic Kingdom, Tomorrowland, Walt Disney World

Tomorrowland WDW – Ultimate History 1 of 3 from Martins Videos on Vimeo.

Part one (56:15)
Go right back to 1968 and see some of the alternate Tomorrowland ideas, then the construction for opening day. See how…empty Tomorrowland was in October 1971, then ride the Skyway and the Grand Prix Raceway – literally a longer track than today in an open field. See highlights from America the Beautiful, and take in the highlights of a Flight to the Moon, complete with a look at each buildings design and layout. Oh, not forgetting the entrance spires in all their watery glory!

Next up is the first phase expansion; a new showbuilding, Utilidor extention and new restaurant, followed by a full ridethru of If You Had Wings, including new footage and a new audio mix.

Following is 1974, with phase 2 construction in full swing. Ride the Star Jets, and take in the WDW history of Carousel of Progress, with a full multi camera, source audio edit of Now is the Best Time 1985/90. Finally see the history of Space Mountain, early plans and concepts, the layout of the building, construction, the opening ceremony, then the RCA preshow and finally take the full multi angle ride. Not quite lights on, not quite night vision! Finally travel the speedramp out via RCAs Home of Future Living.

Tomorrowland WDW – Ultimate History 2 of 3 from Martins Videos on Vimeo.

Part 2 (56:28 )
Look at the original WEDWay Peoplemover layout, how it fitted into the existing track, and take a quick tour with Jack Wagner and the Edisson Electric Company. See the updates for Mission to Mars, and have a quick tour of the major shops and restaurants of the era. I then touch on the planned Tomorrowland Train Station, what it would have looked like, the Spires fountains deactivation, and highlights of American Journeys (sorry, no Magic Carpet ‘Round the World footage!)

Next, trace the history of the Tomorrowland Stage/Theatre, then take a full multi camera tour on the WEDWay of ORAC-1 with new complete audio mix. Following is a look at the changes to the Carousel of Progress in the early 90`s, and updates to Space Mountain following it`s opening. Take a Dreamflight highlights ride, and see what happened to the Carousel of Progress in 1993.

1994…. one by one the attractions shut. Concepts and construction of New Tomorrowland, including the on ewe didn`t get, and a tour of the new land, day and night. Spin on the Astro Orbiter, then see what the original version of Alien Encounter was like, followed by the changes and highlights for version 2. Finally see the history of the Transportarium, and highlights of From Time to Time (with the finalised source audio wink.gif )

Tomorrowland WDW – Ultimate History 3 of 3 from Martins Videos on Vimeo.

Part 3 (50:57)
Take a full tour of the TTA Metro Blueline, with new audio mix, and see the changes made to Space Mountain by Federal Express. See the stage shows, shops and restaurants of the era, and then see concepts, and take a full multi camera, source audio spin with Buzz lightyear and his Space Rangers. Next is Alien Encounters closure, proposals for it`s replacement, and a full multi camera, remixed audio video of Stitch’s Great Escape. See the changes for the Tomorrowland Indy Speedway, Space Mountain after FedEx, and finally Timekeepers closure.

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Spaceship Earth 86 and Communicore – Ultimate Tribute

by admin on Jul.08, 2006, under Epcot, Future World, Walt Disney World

Spaceship Earth 86 and Communicore – Ultimate Tribute from Martins Videos on Vimeo.

The full multi angle ridethrough of the Cronkite 1986 attraction, with a look at the changes made. The attraction also has a full enhanced audio mix and the full 3 verse Tomorrows Child I mixed especially for this video. Then look at a full concept and construction section for Earthstation and Communicore, and take a multi angle tour of both with layout diagrams and classic 80`s EPCOT Center music, featuring Futurecom, Expo Robotics, Futurechoice Theatre, Centorium, Energy Exchange, Travelport and Backstage Magic hands on. Finally, watch the complete Backstage Magic main show with Julie and IO. 59 minutes.

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Horizons – Ultimate Tribute

by admin on May.09, 2006, under Epcot, Future World, Walt Disney World

Horizons – Ultimate Tribute from Martins Videos on Vimeo.


Once again, a complete re edit with far better quality and sound, and more footage. Take a journey back in time to 1979 and the origins of Horizons, Century 3 and Futureprobe ideas, and a full and complete Horizons concept, design and construction section – including ideas that never made the final attraction. Then walk in through Futureport, before taking a full multi angle ride through the entire GE sponsored attraction. Video includes full Magic Highways segment, full Omnimax loop and all 3 complete Choose Your Tomorrow endings. Almost all the Animatronic spiels have been enhanced and

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World of Motion – Ultimate Tribute

by admin on Apr.22, 2006, under Epcot, Future World, Walt Disney World

World of Motion – Ultimate Tribute from Martins Videos on Vimeo.

The first of my major re edits. I`ve gone all out for the best quality I can with these “Ultimate” videos. My “Ultimate” though – I`m sure with access to WDIs video and audio archives it could be better still! I`ve re digitised all the media I can; tapes, audio, even pictures at the highest quality I can for these and I hope it shows. Not to mention (hopefully) better editing and the little things like spot fx here and there too. I also have more media to choose from this time around, so I`ve managed to cover even more details. That`s the idea anyhow, here`s the blurb:

Full backstory from the 1978 Transportation pavilion to Motion. Full concept and construction section, maps of the building, ride and Transcenter, then full multi angle ride thru of the attraction with full source music & narration, and enhanced audio fx. Also features improved enhancement of the Center Core finale.

Then take a trip around Transcenter, with the Bird and the Robot show in full.

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Mission to Mars – a history

by admin on Jan.07, 2006, under Magic Kingdom, Tomorrowland, Walt Disney World

Mission to Mars – a history from Martins Videos on Vimeo.

Starting with Rocket to the Moon at Disneyland, and then Flight to the Moon at both Anaheim and Orlando, this video traces the history of Disneys first emmersive simulator. Features Flight to the Moon highlights, and the full WDW Mission to Mars preshow and main show with multi camera angles and full source audio. A real piece of WDW history!

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Future World 1990 Walkaround

by admin on Apr.21, 2005, under Epcot, Future World, Walt Disney World

Future World 1990 Walkaround from Martins Videos on Vimeo.

Futureworld 90 – a walk around; I`ve wanted to do something like this for a while. I have so many little clips from June 1990 on tape I wanted to get them all together, you could call this EPCOT Center: everything BUT the attractions.

Original autoplaza
Mark IV in the cab on the Futureworld loop
Original entrance plaza, fountains, Communicore and Earthstation exteriors
a walk around Futureworld East
Inside Wonders of Life
Future Corps – on the World of Motion path (starting) and the 10am fountain performance
11am character breakfast greeting inside The Odyssey (Clap you hands music… and Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Pluto, Chip & Dale in their silver space outfits) on stage and in the resteraunt
Surprise in the Skies highlights from 1992
A walk around the Imagination gardens, Captain EO`s entrance and inside the large pyramid
Walk into the original Land pavilion and take the escalator down (topical!)
Outside the Living Seas
Futureworld 90 at night
and general sights, sounds, signs and views of how EPCOT Center used to be.

All set to appropiate music (I had a good dig into my collection)

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