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Horizons – Martins Complete Ultimate Tribute

by on Jul.01, 2017, under Epcot, Future World, Walt Disney World

Horizons – Martins Complete Ultimate Tribute from Martins Videos on Vimeo.

The fifth in my brand new Futureworld re-edits, and a real labour of love.

Follow the development of the pavilion from a GE fair in Futureworld west to the pavilion it eventually became in Futureworld East. See how the story evolved, the ride developed, how the track and show scenes were designed and laid out and then watch as the pavilion went from nothing to dedication in 19 months.

And then, take the trip you’ve always dreamed of in a 40 minute, multi camera extravaganza. As much detail has been covered as possible, every show scene, every projection. Each projection screen has been flicker reduced or eliminated, each shot of the ride enhanced where possible. Walk into the pavilion and begin your journey in the Futureport to see the trio of destinations available aboard Horizons One. Follow the queue and then take you seat for a continuously moving omnimover ride from the past and into the future. Highlights include complete source quality loops of all 3 Movies of Yesteryear screens, the full Omnimax loop, and all 3 ending choices in full and of high quality.

Audio wise, each animatronic conversation is clean live but is in full and with hopefully the clearest quality audio available to date. Each spiel was edited together from dozens of recordings for completeness and the best available quality. All sound effects are clean and enhanced, and the musical score and in-car narration is of course of source quality.

Many call Horizons the best dark ride ever.

I hope I’ve done it justice.

71 minutes long.

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  • R Roe

    Great look back at a favourite. I wanted to mention the whole sink hole thing. I was there on October 1st for the last possible re-opening shot and Disney called it off at the last moment. They were going to run it but I was told by the staff there that Disney feared the building would collapse into the sink hole. Apparently the vibration from the ride had created the hole and the building lurched. Friends at WDI never disputed this reason. You can also see on overhead shots of Mission Space an area in the rear right part where steel beams have been sunk to stabilize the area.

    Hope this info is of some use. Thanks

  • Paul T

    Love all your videos. Really love Horizons and appreciate you putting extra effort into this perfect example of Imagineering–which I’m really bummed to have never ridden!

  • Andrew

    This was truly the best. Thanks.

  • Kiara

    My friend misses Horizons

  • Ralph DeCesare

    Thank you for your website. Especially with everything going on with EPCOT nowadays. Just thank you. EPCOT was my happy place. I went in the early 80’s as part of a WDW vacation, just going to see the Magic kingdom and I guess we’ll try out this EPCOT thing. I fell in love, so much so that I still dream about it, literally and have gone back every year since. And now its inevitably changing and disappearing. But I have your website. So thank you.

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