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Journey into Imagination – Martins Complete Ultimate Tribute

by admin on Sep.09, 2017, under Epcot, Future World, Walt Disney World

Journey Into Imagination – Martins Complete Ultimate Tribute from Martins Videos on Vimeo.

The next of my completely re edited EPCOT Center videos, the first in my Imagination trilogy, and another massive project.

Begin with the origins of the pavilion, from the EPCOT Arts Pavilion and Discovery Bay to the duel ride floor Imagination proposal. See how the pavilion developed, how the pavilion and ride were laid out and how the ride system worked, and how it all came together for opening – or not.

Next walk into the original Pavilion for a detailed look at the open atrium lobby complete with wall mural coverage. Board your ride vehicle and take a full, multi camera journey through the original attraction. Enhanced and cleaned up multiple angles show every detail. Each projection has had flicker minimised or eliminated. See each show scene in full, complete with a brand new stereo audio mix featuring more high quality and source audio than previously available.

After unload take the stars or the elevator up to the Imageworks for a full tour of the original interactive playground of the future. Then take the escalator down to the Magic Eye Theatre for a look at Makin’ Memories, Dreamfinders Chase as source quality, and then enter the main theatre for Magic Journeys in full – shot on a tripod with a polarising filter to minimise the duel image effect and with screen flicker greatly reduced. With a stereo source soundtrack.

After the movie ends, take a look around the fountain garden and camera store. Finally, see what changes were made to the pavilion, including the early 90s overhaul of The Imageworks and take a tour of version two of the upper floor.

Another huge labour of love. 88 minutes long.

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Imagination 82 – The Original Imageworks

by admin on Oct.09, 2009, under Epcot, Future World, Walt Disney World

Imagination 82 – The Original Imageworks from Martins Videos on Vimeo.

A research project that turned into a full video. With the help of Craig Mathieson and John Werner, ex WED employees who helped design the original Imageworks, see the layout of the original upstairs level of the pavilion and also each and every original exhibit. See what changed during the rehab of 1990-1991 and how the layout altered, then see each new exhibit. See the original fountain garden of 1982, what has changed, then as a bonus go into the Magic Eye Theatre; see 4 minutes of Makin’ Memories with source audio – the only known video recording of the preshow, and then see the very rare Dreamfinder 2D introduction to Magic Journeys by Michael Jittlov that was never used and never shown to any guests. And finally, see a remastered copy of the first 12 minutes of Magic Journeys, shot live with source audio.

47 Imaginative minutes long. Enjoy!

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Imagination 1999 and 2002 – Ultimate Tribute

by admin on May.05, 2008, under Epcot, Future World, Walt Disney World

Imagination 1999 and 2002 – Ultimate Tribute from Martins Videos on Vimeo.

Finally, a remake of my Journey into YOUR Imagination and With Figment video. Begin in 1982 at the pavilions design, and the ride that didn`t open until 1983. Take a look at how the original ride worked, and the problems it had that would play a key part in the rehab decisions 15 years later. Then follow step by step how the pavilion changed in 1998-9, what was removed and what was added. This is followed by full coverage of the 1999 queue, and a new hi quality multi angle, new clean live audio mix full ride on Journey into YOUR Imagination. Next follow the changes made in 2001-2, and then walk the full queue of the current pavilion. Then take a full ride of Journey into Imagination with Figment, with a new high quality multi angle video edit and a new high quality clean live audio mix that features each part of the new One Little Spark in full. Explore the current Imageworks, and then watch split screen compasison videos of both the 1983 and 2002 rides and the 1999 and 2002 rides, showing what replaced what and what used to be where. Finally, see comparisons of the changes made in the foyer, queue and Imageworks areas and what used to be where compared to the pavilion today. 55 minutes long!

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Journey into Imagination – Ultimate Tribute

by admin on May.09, 2006, under Epcot, Future World, Walt Disney World

Journey into Imagination – Ultimate Tribute from Martins Videos on Vimeo.

Another totally new re-edit for 2006, with much better quality video and audio, and more material. Trace the origins of the Imagination pavilion – from the never built Ecology pavilion through to Dreamfinder and Figments beginnings. Full concept and construction section including the rush to complete, what happened on opening day, and full animated tour of the pavilion, ride, ride system and Imageworks. Walk into the lobby, with complete coverage of the murals, then load for a full and complete multi angle, source audio journey, with a high quality source audio mix. Walk through the shop and take the stairs into the pyramid, then venture around the original Imageworks. Finally, take the escalator back down for a walk around the fountain garden in 1985 and 1990. 38 minutes long.

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