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  • Linusbear

    It really breaks my heart how they could butcher such a beautiful attraction. I’m a film composer from England and I took many trips to Disney World as a child (and still do as an adult). I give Journey Into Imagination a lot of credit for encouraging my creative side and it stands in my mind as one of the greatest attractions in Disney’s history. Epcot of old was one of my favourite places to be in the whole world, but on a recent visit I got very upset at how far it has fallen – Future World no longer has a clear theme and appears merely to be a collection of buildings (with certain rides or movie tie-ins overtaking the classic pavilion themes), and wasted space (Innoventions (not a patch on the original version or Communicore), Wonders Of Life, and Imagination). Although one day I hope this imbalance will be address, I use this site as a a sanctuary to remember significant moments in my childhood that have wrongfully been erased from existence. Thankyou

  • chris douglas

    can you post what songs you used for this great video

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