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Voyage of the Little Mermaid DHS by Martin

by admin on Jun.04, 2016, under Animation Courtyard, Disney's Hollywood Studios, Walt Disney World

Voyage of the Little Mermaid DHS by Martin from Martins Videos on Vimeo.

The complete 2015 version of the popular stage show. Shot in multi camera HD for all the details, begin with the queue details then next take your seat for the whole show, shot from multiple angles with great low light tripod shots, composited stage wide / detail shots and a flicker free projection screen. Features a new source score / dialogue and live singing audio mix.

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Light Motors Action DHS HD by Martin

by admin on Apr.02, 2016, under Disney's Hollywood Studios, Streets of America, Walt Disney World

Lights Motors Action DHS by Martin from Martins Videos on Vimeo.

A huge edit of the entire Orlando stunt show. Walk into the attraction area, through the queue area and into the grandstand to take your seat for an unobstructed view. Shot with multiple full HD cameras simultaneously for complete coverage – wide shots, close ups, the video screen by tripod; all the action and details are captured.

Audio is a direct feed from the mixing desk for clear and clean music and narration as heard during the actual show with no noise, talking or distractions.

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The American Adventure HD

by admin on Jan.04, 2015, under Epcot, Walt Disney World, World Showcase

The American Adventure HD from Martins Videos on Vimeo.

Finally, an edit I’ve always wanted to do. Starting with a full concepts and construction section, trace the attractions development back to a Futureworld ride through, the changes to a theatre show and early plans. Next see how the show was designed and built, how a technological marvel operates, and the opening dedication.
Next take a full tour both outside and inside, including a full look at all the artwork, furniture and flags on both lobby levels.
Walk into the theatre and experience the full show, shot from multiple angles in full HD for complete coverage. Each rear projected piece of art was either resampled and composited or scanned from original artwork, and then re-animated to match the projected version exactly with no blur, shake or flicker. The audio was remixed in stereo matching original attraction dialogue, sound effects and stereo musical scores for a source quality stereo soundtrack. Includes the full 2007 source quality Golden Dream finale.
After the show, walk around the exterior looking at various details and finally see the changes to the pavilion since 1982, from the minor to the 1993 animatronic replacement with a side by side comparison plus a source quality complete original 1982 Golden Dream and the full 1993 version too.
Shot with a relaxed video ban. 65 minutes long. Enjoy!

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Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular HD

by admin on Feb.21, 2014, under Disney's Hollywood Studios, Echo Lake, Walt Disney World

Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular HD from Martins Videos on Vimeo.

An edit of Epic proportions! The whole show from the area props to entry to exit, shot with 6 cameras in full HD over 2 consecutive shows for 12 complete angles to capture everything, with a custom audio source / ALD / live mix.
With thanks to the great co operation from DHS and show Cast Members for totally unobstructed views and choice angles.
44 minutes long. Enjoy!

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Beauty and the Beast – Live on Stage DHS HD

by admin on Dec.21, 2013, under Disney's Hollywood Studios, Sunset Boulevard, Walt Disney World

Beauty and the Beast – Live on Stage DHS HD from Martins Videos on Vimeo.

Here is the full Disney Hollywood Studios live stage show of the classic fairy tale, shot with 6 cameras in full HD including front row views for a complete edit of the show. Audio is a custom live clean vocal / source score mix. Enjoy and Merry Christmas!

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Unleash the Villains Night 2013 WDW HD

by admin on Oct.02, 2013, under Disney's Hollywood Studios, Parades, Fireworks, and Shows, Walt Disney World

Unleash the Villains Night 2013 WDW HD by Martin from Martins Videos on Vimeo.

On Friday the 13th of September 2013 Disney Hollywood Studios held a one off party night celebrating villains. 44000 guests crammed in the park for stage shows, live music, meet n greets, and one huge fireworks show. Shot in full HD with 3 cameras this edit includes:

Anticipation as the crowds build and the time countdowns
The opening stage show, introductions, and full 13 villains introductions
Opening band act
Incidental stage show highlights
Incidental music and band highlights
A look at the meet n greet areas
The full Villainry in the Sky firework show with inducted score

53 minutes long….. enjoy!

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Festival of the Lion King DAK HD

by admin on Apr.28, 2013, under Camp Minnie-Mickey, Disney's Animal Kingdom, Walt Disney World

Festival of the Lion King DAK HD from Martins Videos on Vimeo.

Captured before the theatre moves location, here is the full Animal Kingdom live show. Walk into Camp Minnie-Mickey and then into the theatre itself. See all the preshow entertainment, and the full mainshow too, shot in full HD simultaneously from multiple angles for a seamless presentation. With a source score / live vocal stereo audio track.

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Villains Mix n Mingle 2011 HD

by admin on Oct.28, 2011, under Magic Kingdom, Parades, Fireworks, Castle Forecourt Shows, Walt Disney World

This years new version of the Halloween party show. Shot in full HD from multiple angles, with a reconstructed stereo better-than-live-almost-source audio track.

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Tiana’s Showboat Jubilee HD

by admin on Jun.26, 2011, under Liberty Square, Magic Kingdom, Walt Disney World

Tiana’s Showboat Jubilee HD from Martins Videos on Vimeo.

Shot in December 2009, a two camera edit of this Magic Kingdom show on the Liberty Bell. Includes the pre and post shows in Frontierland, and the full main show on the riverboat, with a source / live audio track.

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Fantasmic! DL2010 HD

by admin on Feb.19, 2011, under Disneyland, Disneyland Resort, Parades and Fireworks

Fantasmic! Disneyland 2010 HD from Martins Videos on Vimeo.

Shot from almost 2 dozen angles (!) here is the complete multi camera show of the current version of the west coasts Fantasmic!. Every part of the show is covered, shot and mastered in full HD with a source / clean live pyro stereo audio mix including effects missing from the usual recordings. Also included is a look around the stage during daylight and the alternate non-Murphy pre-finale as well as Murphy in action.

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