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The American Adventure HD

by on Jan.04, 2015, under Epcot, Walt Disney World, World Showcase

The American Adventure HD from Martins Videos on Vimeo.

Finally, an edit I’ve always wanted to do. Starting with a full concepts and construction section, trace the attractions development back to a Futureworld ride through, the changes to a theatre show and early plans. Next see how the show was designed and built, how a technological marvel operates, and the opening dedication.
Next take a full tour both outside and inside, including a full look at all the artwork, furniture and flags on both lobby levels.
Walk into the theatre and experience the full show, shot from multiple angles in full HD for complete coverage. Each rear projected piece of art was either resampled and composited or scanned from original artwork, and then re-animated to match the projected version exactly with no blur, shake or flicker. The audio was remixed in stereo matching original attraction dialogue, sound effects and stereo musical scores for a source quality stereo soundtrack. Includes the full 2007 source quality Golden Dream finale.
After the show, walk around the exterior looking at various details and finally see the changes to the pavilion since 1982, from the minor to the 1993 animatronic replacement with a side by side comparison plus a source quality complete original 1982 Golden Dream and the full 1993 version too.
Shot with a relaxed video ban. 65 minutes long. Enjoy!

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  • Rick Greene

    This looks fantastic! You do such an amazing job with these films… they are SO much more than mere ride-throughs. For years I bought the Extinct Attractions DVD’s but your work vastly surpasses those, filled with such detail and important information and the quality of the sound always blows me away. Thanks for ALL of your documentary films that you share with us Theme Park buffs. Your efforts are much appreciated.

  • Larry

    Another great video of a still amazing attraction. Thanks for this and all your videos. As much as I’ve read on the Disney Parks and WDI, I still always learn something new with each one of your posts.

  • Bruce Brodsky

    Once again, a new classic history of a Disney Park attraction. Thank you very much for providing us a wonderful experience.

    I think it may be time to include a narratiion voiceover to accompany the historical and descriptive subtitlles. I’d leave the subtitles for the hearing impaired, but then reach out to the variety of Disney Podcast personalities as volunteer narrators. I’m sure there would be many takers.

    Just a suggestion. And thank you again for all that you do to establish the historical yellow-brick road to the magic.

  • Kevin


    This is one of the very best you’ve done. You’ve outdone yourself. You’re the reason I got into Disney as much as I have (your “classic Epcot” videos were instrumental to my development as a Disney fan), and this just underlines why. Thanks again.


    Martin, you and your friends did an absolutely SPECTACULAR job on this video. Thank you so much for your hard work on this. It’s very much appreciated.

    I tip my hat to you sir, Bravo!

    Cliff (CLIFFLIX)

  • ll. Martin


  • RW

    In addition to all else, this video has the best footage and explanation of the carriage and lift system. I’ve always been fascinated by the show’s design. I would love to watch a show from “downstairs.”

    Thank you, Martin, for your excellence and dedication.

  • Ray Critchfield

    Thanks for your quality work and willingness to share. It has allowed my family and myself to relive the enjoyable times at WDW and also learned more about each attraction. Kudos to you and the large undertaking you have been doing.

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