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Journey into Imagination – Martins Complete Ultimate Tribute

by on Sep.09, 2017, under Epcot, Future World, Walt Disney World

Journey Into Imagination – Martins Complete Ultimate Tribute from Martins Videos on Vimeo.

The next of my completely re edited EPCOT Center videos, the first in my Imagination trilogy, and another massive project.

Begin with the origins of the pavilion, from the EPCOT Arts Pavilion and Discovery Bay to the duel ride floor Imagination proposal. See how the pavilion developed, how the pavilion and ride were laid out and how the ride system worked, and how it all came together for opening – or not.

Next walk into the original Pavilion for a detailed look at the open atrium lobby complete with wall mural coverage. Board your ride vehicle and take a full, multi camera journey through the original attraction. Enhanced and cleaned up multiple angles show every detail. Each projection has had flicker minimised or eliminated. See each show scene in full, complete with a brand new stereo audio mix featuring more high quality and source audio than previously available.

After unload take the stars or the elevator up to the Imageworks for a full tour of the original interactive playground of the future. Then take the escalator down to the Magic Eye Theatre for a look at Makin’ Memories, Dreamfinders Chase as source quality, and then enter the main theatre for Magic Journeys in full – shot on a tripod with a polarising filter to minimise the duel image effect and with screen flicker greatly reduced. With a stereo source soundtrack.

After the movie ends, take a look around the fountain garden and camera store. Finally, see what changes were made to the pavilion, including the early 90s overhaul of The Imageworks and take a tour of version two of the upper floor.

Another huge labour of love. 88 minutes long.

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  • Adam

    Thank you for these videos especially the imagination ones Epcot Center has been a major part of my life for as long as I can remember when you do the video for the second incarnation could you please try to figure out what the constellation Figment sign at the end of the ride talking about infinite connections experiment 917 means (it’s very hard to find I’ve only found maybe one video where you can see it for a Split Second) especially if there’s any significance to the number 917 how’s the 3rd Shift CM and coordinator there from 2008-2015 and I used to walk through the current incarnation of the attraction( my least-favorite I really prefer the first one & Billy Bartlett) and I would talk to the mechanical maintenance crew but they had no idea what I was talking about even my older sister who was the CM and tour guide for all the parks and the educational programs did not know. Anyways again just a small request from one massive Disney & Epcot fan to another experiment 917? Thank you again for these

  • Ben

    Its a great video. reminds me of the original Journey into imagination ride, before the 2002 version step in. I admire your tribute videos and I thank you for keeping the memories of the past Disney parks on your videos. I do ask if that someday, can you start making tribute videos on the water parks? As in, River Country, Typhoon Lagoon, and Blizzard Beach? Keep up making the Disney tributes, Martin 🙂
    And get ready for October 1,2017: The 35th Anniversary of EPCOT.

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