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World of Motion – Ultimate Tribute

by on Apr.22, 2006, under Epcot, Future World, Walt Disney World

World of Motion – Ultimate Tribute from Martins Videos on Vimeo.

The first of my major re edits. I`ve gone all out for the best quality I can with these “Ultimate” videos. My “Ultimate” though – I`m sure with access to WDIs video and audio archives it could be better still! I`ve re digitised all the media I can; tapes, audio, even pictures at the highest quality I can for these and I hope it shows. Not to mention (hopefully) better editing and the little things like spot fx here and there too. I also have more media to choose from this time around, so I`ve managed to cover even more details. That`s the idea anyhow, here`s the blurb:

Full backstory from the 1978 Transportation pavilion to Motion. Full concept and construction section, maps of the building, ride and Transcenter, then full multi angle ride thru of the attraction with full source music & narration, and enhanced audio fx. Also features improved enhancement of the Center Core finale.

Then take a trip around Transcenter, with the Bird and the Robot show in full.

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  • Mike

    The tribute movie was great except for the not for sale signs.

  • Paul

    Ah come on, Martin’s videos are the class act. Not like some who make a buck on their old home videos, and are now getting sued by the Mouse. My hat’s off to Martin, and appreciate the free content, with or without disclaimers.

  • Todd

    Martin, I just found your site via your appearance on the BetaMouse podcast and I am just blown away by your work. What memories this World of Motion video brought back for me! And the amount of work that must have gone into just this one video is absolutely staggering, what with all the cuts from what seemed like at least a dozen different sources. I can’t wait to watch many more videos on your site. (I’ll need to take some time off work!) This is a great service you have done for the community of proud Walt Disney World fanboy geeks such as myself, and it is very much appreciated!

  • Hannah

    What’s the ending song called?

  • Porter Redkey

    Another great job! I want to ride this again, but sadly it is gone. I don’t think I appreciated it enough when I was younger. What a beautiful building!

    TT is okay, but it was mainly the debut of a ride system. Other rides perfected the tech – Journey in Tokyo and RSR in DCA.

    Thanks for taking me back.

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