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SSE 86 180 top re creation

by on Mar.22, 2007, under Epcot, Future World, Walt Disney World

SSE 86 180top re creation from Martins Videos on Vimeo.

Inspired by a very interesting and revealing thread in the forums, here is an as-good-as-I-can-make-it re creation of the top of Spaceship Earth from the Cronkite era. Starting in the Cinema and TV lounge scene, take a multi angle video and new audio journey through The Computer (boys room) and the Office, the Hi Tech Communications Center and into 180top itself, with enhanced video, complete with original Earth projection, satellites and astronauts in full, the space station with animatronic robot arm control girl at her window, then the full descent with laser effects and wonderfully stylised early 80`s projections of the Tomorrows Child finale. It doesn`t quite have Industrial Light and Magic standard effects, but this should give a good idea of how the second half of the attraction appeared to guests in the late 80’s and early 90’s. Some footage from with thanks.

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  • Anonymous

    Many years ago, I found your “Futureworld Central 1990 tribute” WMV somewhere and, even though it was visually mostly very dark, I was blown away. This re-creation with its illuminated sets is spectacular!

  • Kendra

    Hi there, My father worked for WDI for 20 years or so. In the early 90s I was used by the Disney folks as a model to represent the “blonde-haired, blue-eyed american girl for a scene in Spaceship earth. I was able to see the finished scene in person only one time and now as an adult, I have been trying to find footage of the scene–you seem like the person to ask if video exists somewhere! From what I can remember, It was early in the decent and to the left side of the ride. It depicted students in chairs looking at a large screen in what I assume was a virtual classroom (I want to say there were Dinosaurs on a large scene?). Please let me know if this rings a bell–they have changed the ride so many times since, but I would love to be able to relive the memory. Thank you so much for your time!


  • Kelly

    Wait, wait…that music you used at the very end…that’s from the EuroDisney opening year CD! Was it used prior to that at Epcot with these different lyrics?

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