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The Haunted Mansion WDW – 2009 tribute in HD `Perfect Vision`

by on Aug.31, 2009, under Liberty Square, Magic Kingdom, Walt Disney World

The Haunted Mansion WDW 2009 HD from Martins Videos on Vimeo.

The first of many HD videos, and one I`ve wanted to produce for 19 years since I first tried to shoot the Mansion. I was lucky enough to obtain footage shot by Dan Warren. Using extremely low-light sensitive equipment this is a video which looks as good on a PC as the ride does to the human eye whilst actually riding. No night vision, no external lighting. When I first saw the quality of the footage I couldn`t believe it. There are no secrets given away – this is purely an edit showing every inch of onstage, exactly how a guest would see and hear it if actually in Orlando.
From 8 hours of footage shot, this is a 1 hour edit multi angle video beginning with a look at the exterior details of the Mansion and surroundings. After full coverage of the graveyard, take in every part of the attraction from start to finish. From walk in to walk out, this is full multi angle coverage of the complete attraction down to the smallest detail. Included in full also are the loops of Constance the bride, the Graveyard band and the Singing Busts. Following the attraction, see full coverage of the exit area stones and the Pet Cemetery, then see the Mansion and surroundings as night falls and the lights come on. See full interior details of both the Assisted Guest entrance and the Chicken Exit too.
The footage is accompanied by a brand new full stereo audio mix, using full source audio elements and clean live audio hear the attraction as you journey through it as you would whilst actually riding.
With thanks to Dan Warren for the footage and hours spent riding to obtain it, and to the cast members of the Haunted Mansion, Orlando. No rules were broken, but their help was invaluable.

A direct download for this video is available HERE.

A second edit of this video is also available, a 2007 spoiler-free version.  This edit version is the same as the above video, but with all of the updated scenes removed, so not to spoil the attraction for anyone who has not seen it since the rahab.  This video can be seen HERE.


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  • Magenta Panther

    Well, darn it. My browsers, whether in Firefox or Explorere, stutter and stop when I try to play this. What am I doing wrong?

  • Rick

    This is a fantastic vid! Nice work!

  • Mike

    Probably one or THE BEST on-ride videos of the WDW Haunted Mansion! The sound and picture are excellent and exactly the way you would experience this attraction. However, its so long to download. Is there a way you could maybe put it on youtube or a video website that loads the video very fast?

  • quantumottle

    I don’t think uploading the vid on Youtube would make it load any faster Mike. The problem is, this video is of much better quality than most you see on youtube, which means the filesize is bigger, which means it takes longer to load.

    You should be ‘happy’ the vid loads slow on your machine – it’s due to an increase in quality (or perhaps a slow machine/ISP).

  • Mike

    Well now, it loads the video to halfway and then it just stops from downloading so I can’t see the rest of the video. This does not make me very ‘happy’. 😉

  • Brandon

    Fantastic Video! I was great to be there so many times watching Dan film! Always a treat to have guests appreciate the Mansion.

  • Luiz Carlos Pantoja Filho

    Hi Martin,

    Wonderful work! a fantastic video as always!

    Thanks so much for sharing with us. This is the best Haunten Mansion video, no doubt about it!

  • Luiz Carlos Pantoja Filho

    Hi Martin,

    Wonderful work! a fantastic video as always!

    Thanks so much for sharing with us. This is the best Haunted Mansion video, no doubt about it!

  • Adam Laurie

    Hey Marni,

    I thought I posted this earlier but I guess I didn’t. What camera was used to take this because I NEED to get one. I want to record the TTA, British Invasion, and… well, EVERYTHING I CAN POSSIBLY RECORD. It’s like viewing through a human eye sans the multi-zoom. Awesome (in the truest sense of the definition) video my friend.

  • Dirk Pitt


    Is it possible to extract the video so I can push it to my TiVo for my family to watch? It’s just easier that way than trying to cram around a small computer screen.


  • Dirk Pitt

    never mind. found the download link

  • Cody Christopher

    This is hands down the best fan vid of the mansion to date. I think the next one should be a tribute to Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion Holiday.

  • Kerri N.

    Ah-mazing video. I cannot wait to see what WDW ride tribute video in HD that you make next. Maybe Splash Mountain (if you can avoid the water!)

  • EmilyGracey

    This is absolutely stunning. This made me want to go to the park so badly and you really captured the essence of the ride. This really is better than anything Disney has ever and will ever produce. Thank you for taking the time and energy to do this.

  • Michael

    Till this day, there will never be footage that could surpass this(This is my 8th time watching the whole thing). The quality, color, and details are outstanding. I’m going there for a trip next year and can’t wait to experience this myself. This is a masterpiece and I hope ALL fellow Haunted Mansion fans could watch this awesome picture. You probably may or may not want it, but you really need more publicity for this because you guys deserve it. Once again, well done!

  • Kevin


    Thank you for these amazing videos. We are big WDW fans, and these are not only a good ‘fix’ between visits, but they are historical gems. Excellent work!


  • Rutger

    It’s a shame it has the ”not for rental”
    letters in it. I won’t steal it. I promise.

  • Sarah Liu

    Hi Martin!

    This is Sarah from Shanghai, China who experienced the World best college program at WDW in 2009, I hope you remember that we have met at the haunted mansion which was my work place (right, I was a maid WOW! so proud of that). You were there for taking this video, and gave me your website to have a online connection with Disney parks.
    After graduated from the college, I got a real job at Disney China, but I will never forget everything happened that summer. and there are a lot of China youth have the same disney experience as i did, I have shared your masterpiece with them already, they all sincerely appreciate your hard work.

    So I am writing to say thank you, and hope to see you at Shanghai Disneyland!

    have a magical day!

    keep in touch

    Cheers, Sarah

  • Gabriel

    This is better than anything Disney can make officially. I say this is even better than experiencing the attraction. I saw things in this video I hadn’t ever seen before after riding this ride millions of times. Just one thing, I would like to know where you get your music. All these songs are very obscure. example: the piano music in the library/piano/staircase scene. Where do you find these priceless pieces of Disney music? I would like to own them. Thank you! Keep up the good work!

  • kazanjig

    Is it possible to get the raw footage of the busts singing Grim Grinning Ghosts? I’m trying to recreate the scene for my yard and am having trouble finding footage of Cousin Algernon (the one in the hat).

  • Drew

    The camera used in this video was a Canon 5D Mark II with an ISO around 6400. It was shot with a good number of fast lenses (1.2-1.8).

    My personal recommendation if you would like to shoot videos in low-light as clear as this, get a nice SLR camera (I have a Canon T4i), get/rent some fast lenses (1.4 or 1.2, preferably wide angle) and set your ISO as high as it can go. It may get a little grainy in the dark parts, but it’s scads better then what a regular Sony Handycam would produce.

  • Berry

    I want to thank you for doing this video. I’m disabled and it’s very hard for me to ride rides. I always wanted to ride The Haunted Mansion. And now I feel as though I have. You’ll never know how excited you’ve made me. Thank so much. I hope you’ll continue to post more videos

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