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Wonders of Life – Martins Complete Ultimate Tribute

by on Aug.04, 2018, under Epcot, Future World, Walt Disney World

Wonders of Life – Martins Complete Ultimate Tribute from Martins Videos on Vimeo.

The last of my completely new Futureworld re edits (but not the last from EPCOT Center) sees a huge, 100 minute long detailed look at the 1989 pavilion.

Start with a look at early designs and proposals for the Health and Life pavilion, how the final design was arrived at, laid out and then built.

Walk into the pavilion and take a full multi angle tour. As well as vintage 80s and 90s clips, much of this footage was shot early and late in the day of the pavilions last day of operation to show unobscured views of the interior. This is a detailed tour of the inside, walking pass Pure and Simple, then walk through the exhibits of Sensory Fun House and arrive at…

Cranium Command
Walk the queue and see the holding area displays. See the full preshow in high quality, steadily shot and stabilised in an empty theatre with screen flicker greatly reduced and an ALD audio track.
Walk into the main theatre, take your seat for a full, multi camera complete mainshow edit, partly tripod shot, again with all projection flicker greatly reduced and with a new stereo source quality audio mix.
Leave the Cranium theatre and cross over to…

The Making of Me
Take your place in the queue for the Birth Theatre, then take your seat for the full movie presentation. This unobscured video was tripod shot, keystone corrected and flicker eliminated. Audio is a clean live and ALD mix.
Walk through Coaches Corner, MET Life Styles and then head for….

Body Wars
Walk the whole main queue with all three complete preshows in source quality. Proceed to the waiting area and watch the whole load video, again in source quality. Board body probe 229 for the full, unobscured main ride. Video was steadily shot with a bonus of the ride motion base disabled, enhanced and is flicker free. The side screen was similarly shot and is overlaid as needed. Audio is a new stereo source quality track.
Exit the ride into Frontiers of Medicine and then enjoy…

Goofy About Health.
The whole show presented as a multi screen edit with each screen shot separately and a clean, enhanced live stereo audio track.
Take a look at Anacomical Players, take a last look around and then see the major changes made over the years. Phew!

Next we move to World Showcase.

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