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Block Party Bash DHS

by on May.02, 2010, under Disney's Hollywood Studios, Hollywood Boulevard, Parades, Fireworks, and Shows, Walt Disney World

Block Party Bash DHS from Martins Videos on Vimeo.

Beginning with a sample of the crazy antics of The Citizens of Hollywood, watch as they warm up the crowds before the parade. This is followed by the full Block Party Bash parade with show stop, shot from multiple angles in HD with a clean source / live atmosphere audio mix.

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  • Ryan

    Do make Captain EO Tribute Disneyland Video next, Martin!

  • Ryan

    I forgot, make Captain EO in Tokyo Disneyland with full Preshow and 17 minute film in Tokyo Disneyland please and make a video in exit of Captain EO with “Another Part Of Me” music on live video in this summer 2010, maybe in August 2010 and upload video in end of August, That would be so cool. In future videos, maybe June 2010, I like to see tribute to Tomorrowland 1990 Loop in Tokyo Disneyland and here’s a loop:
    1.Bubble Shuffle *4:32* (Larry Carlton)
    2.Night Fire Dance *4:58* (Andreas Vollenweider)
    3.The Palace *4:39* (David Arkenstone with Andrew White)
    4.Summers Day *5:35* (Suzanne Ciani)
    5.Windswept *4:17* (John Jarvis)
    6.Inside The Sky *4:10* (Steve Haun)
    7.Inside The House *2:58* (Azuma)
    8.Sea Space *6:26* (Larry Carlton)
    9.Fire Ritual *5:08* (Patrick O�Hearn)
    10.Behind the Waterfall *3:31* (David Lanz & Paul Speer)
    11.Generation Prelude *2:07* (Peter Buffett)
    12.Generation *4:02* (Peter Buffett)
    13.Elsewhere *5:47* (Vangelis)
    14.Hidden Pathways *4:37* (Bruce Mitchell)
    15.Moon Dance *4:10* (Andreas Vollenweider)
    16.Bordaeux *6:29* (John Tesh)
    17.Fairly Doll *3:30* (Azuma)
    18.Valley In The Clouds *3:30* (David Arkenstone)
    19.Homeward Bound *4:23* (Patrick O�Hearn)
    20.The Motion Of Stars *4:22* (Vangelis)
    21.The Best Of Both Worlds *4:47* (John Jarvis)
    22.Dancing With The Lion *4:00* (Andreas Vollenweider)
    23.Dial Out *5:20* (Vangelis)
    24.The Philosopher *4:08* (Larry Carlton)
    25.Sky Juice *4:48* (Patrick O�Hearn)
    26.The Wanderer *3:51* (Azuma)
    27.Ave *5:05* (Vangelis)
    28.Unusual Climate *4:23* (Patrick O�Hearn)

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