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Space Mountain WDW 2009 HD

by on Feb.06, 2010, under Magic Kingdom, Tomorrowland, Walt Disney World

Space Mountain WDW 2009 HD from Martins Videos on Vimeo.

A complete look at Orlandos Space Mountain after the 2009 refurb. Start with a history trip back to 1970, looking at the mountains concept and construction, the 1975 opening and the first RCA exterior, preshows, ride and Home of Future Living postshow. Then jump to 1985 for RCAs refurb to the exterior, preshow, and RYCA-1 Dream of a New World post show, and then fast forward again to the changes made to the exterior, preshow, holding with SMTV and postshow by FedEx. Finally, come to 2008 and look at the changes proposed to the attraction, the 2009 demolition and construction work in Space Mountain, the Skyway terminal, Galaxy Palace and the new stage, and then see what work was done outside and in when the attraction reopened. See the new plaza area, exterior, then take a multi angle, source/live audio tour of all the details of the whole preshow tunnel, holding and load areas, the ride, and the unload and postshow area. Also take a trip on the TTA during and after the refurb. 55 minutes long.


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  • Matt

    Great video, and I’m actually surprised but I am perfectly okay with the new refurbishments. I think the ceiling in the station and blocking off the TTA view is just what the ride needed. The only things I really miss are the map right at the entrance and the old signage on the TTA.

  • Adam

    Hey, guess what everybody, We have sound on this Space Mountain now (Onboard sound and space sound). Don’t know what it sounds like yet because it only just happened today.

  • Mark

    I wish the original plans were followed thru with. A new exterior lighting package would have been great. A new track would have been phenomal. As was said, this Space Mountain has more room within than all the other SMs. The best from all the others put into the WDW Mountian would of and could have been a show stopper.

  • Stephanie

    Where can I get the mp3 of the star tunnel song with lyrics (Tomorrows filled with promise etc)? I have been searching for that song since 1993.

  • TheWalkingDad

    I know this is over 5 years old, but I have a question to ask. What is the name of that music playing at 25:06 in? I have heard this version before and all I get is the entrance music, but it has a full blown orchestra with it. Not just that soothing horn playing. Just wondering if it is really called something else.

  • Preston

    Yeah, I am a bit sure that space mountain will join Buy N Large and Save n Large.

  • Preston

    I just hope that screen time will go off my iPad.

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