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Universe of Energy – Ultimate Tribute

by on May.31, 2006, under Epcot, Future World, Walt Disney World

Universe of Energy – Ultimate Tribute from Martins Videos on Vimeo.

Travel back before Ellen to the 1982 Energy pavilion. Full concept section from the mid 70`s to 1978 to 1980. Full design construction section with an animated look at the original Diorama effects and ride layout. Then walk into the pavilion for the full Radok preshow with source audio. Load in theatre one and see the entire multiplane theatre one film with a remixed audio track. Full multi angle ride through of the original Diorama with a remixed soundtrack, full theatre two holding audio with multi angle video, and full multi angle theatre two film, again with remixed audio. Then travel onwards for the full spectacular multi angle finale with full source audio. Exit theatre two and cross to Communicore and have a quick tour of Energy Exchange. Regarding the theatre remixed audio tracks; as anyone who has tried to record dialogue in the theatres it`s difficult to not get any of the other 600 guests making noise; using multiple tracks these tracks have virtually no guests noise on them. Also, theatre one dialogue tended to record `muffled` and theatre two had a lot of reverb; I`ve eliminated these issues as much as possible too. 56 minutes long.

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  • Matt

    Tears flow down my eyes every time I watch this. I don’t think the world can thank you enough for bringing us so many amazing attractions back to life. My dad only got a portion of Theater II filmed back in ’88, so I am very happy that you have the WHOLE thing.

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