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  • Donn B. Murphy

    What a wonderful video to have! This was, in my opinion, the most stunning theme park show of all. The puppets, fast-paced choreography, scene-changes, banners, costumes, “horses”, talking gargoyles, story, characters, music were all excellent. The platform extending out into the audience, the multi-level stage: all really special. I wonder whether it was too complex for the family theme-park audience, lacking well-known popular tunes, and with a rather more complicated plot than other theme-park shows. Or was it just a matter of “real-estate,” the replacement of this special stage pavilion with another structure? perhaps some day it will return. In the meantime, we have Martin’s loving video to cherish.

  • Katie

    I remember this show SO clearly and this video just brings back GREAT memories! My mom ADORED this show and I sent it to her and she was SO happy. I think it closed because seriously, I’m part of the generation who would actually remember Hunchback as a movie in theaters. I LOVED Esmeralda so I saw this show MANY times….but I was only five when the movie came out so the show ran while I was six to eleven. The movie is still “in the vault” and has been there since about 2002 the same time the show closed. Perhaps it would reopen if there’s a re-release of the film (it missed it’s tenth anniversary in 2006 but perhaps it will come out in the new Diamond line?) to refuel interest in the show(even if a Broadway version of the German musical that’s based on the film is in the works). Even so, this is a WONDERFUL way for me to relive a part of my childhood so I thank you, Martin!

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